Goals for 2017

It’s the time of the year when it generally gets you thinking about a few pivotal questions regarding life.

What did I achieve this year? Where do I stand with respect to my long-term goals? What do I need to work on the for the next year?

The oncoming year marks the last semester of my undergraduate semester. By this year’s end, I will already be in the next chapter of life and there are certain milestones that I want to achieve. This post was inspired by Anudeep Neekant’s list of 20 by 25. I hope this medium provides me additional inspiration via public commitment. Since my birthday falls in June, it would serve as good time for mid-year evaluation. Without much ado, following depicts my goals for this year and mid-year targets.

  1. Establish a routine for having super productive days. Build rituals that power me up in the morning, have me check myself in the evening, and unwind at night. I need to find a rhythm that suits me the best, irrespective of the fact that I turn into a morning person or remain a night owl.

  2. Practice creative-cross training. Every month, I will learn a skill that’s unrelated to my studies or work. For this month, I think it’s going to be solving Rubix cube under a minute. Another task is to have a converse comfortably over phone in French with my advisor or French friends.

  3. Develop intermediate proficiency (read, write, speak) in atleast one foreign language. This may be French or Japanese or German.

  4. Completely read and understand the Sikh holy book, Shri Guru Granth Sahib, and try to understand it as much as possible. My mom’s going to be the happiest while I work on fulfilling on this goal. Bonus inspiration cookies!

  5. Get fit. Specifically, I aim to loose 12 kg. Obviously, maintain that afterwards. This one is meant to be completed by the mid-year. Meditate.

  6. Write atleast 2 blog posts every month. By this year’s end, I need to have 24 impactful posts, i.e., those that will be useful to someone even three years down the line.

  7. Code every day. Have a full green Github contribution chart. Atleast one commit a day. Since, due to unforeseen circumstances, like travel plans, or family occasions, this can be very hard to stick with. I plan to allow something which I call ‘cheat days’. These would be maximum 30 days, when I am unable to commit something on GitHub, but make a commit later for those days with modification in date. This will make sure that I stick to the habit.

  8. Win a competition on Kaggle.

  9. Competitive Programming. Candidate Master by my birthday. This will help improve my algorithmic and coding skills.

  10. In the past, I have had several ideas to automate the things around me, but unfortunately due to study or work, I have not followed upon them. Additionally, inspired by Zuckerberg, who developed his version of Jarvis, If one of the busiest person in the world, the CEO of Facebook, can get time to do that, I definitely have the time to automate things in my environment and make them smart.

  11. Likewise, I am truly inspired by Bill Gates, who makes sure to carve out time to read a book every week. This year, I plan to read a total of 26 books (fiction and non-fiction combined). Hence, complete a book in every two weeks. CS books, unrelated to current courses in school can also be included, but in this count only a maximum of six of them can be included.

  12. Do something every month that brings a smile on atleast one face and helps them to achieve something, especially those who lack the resources or are under-represented.

  13. Journalling: What did I learn today? How can I improve on my routine tomorrow? What are the 3 Most important tasks for tomorrow?

  14. Musical Instrument: Guitar.

  15. Dance: Bhangra and Salsa.

  16. Educate myself in Maths: Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Measure theory, Mathematical stats, Topology, Complex analysis,

  17. Finish an online course (separate from the Maths training) every two months:

  18. Attend ICML and NIPS. With submissions would be better!

  19. Read, understand and write summaries for a research paper every week.

  20. Establish a reading group culture at IITR.

  21. Create a secondary stream of income. (In the form of an app, video series, or something else)

  22. Watch at least one TED talk each day.

  23. Learn Swimming.

  24. Improve upon my Chess techniques.

  25. Track the time that I spend on various activities and analyse it to improve my productivity.

I have left out the descriptions of a few goals, which I will edit in some while, as I have repeatedly realized that shipping is more important than perfection!

I already feel incredibly excited imagining myself having achieved these goals. I will work the hardest to become the best person I can every day. If you have any ideas on how to further refine my goal objectives or some tips or some goals that I should give a shot at, feel free to comment them. Or, if you feel that I am slacking on something, give a shout out. I also encourage the readers to give a thought about your goals for this year and do share them in the commnents.

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