How to obtain transcripts at IIT Roorkee?

Transcript is a document which contains the list of all the grades you have received until now and some information regarding the grading system at IITR.

Since, a lot of people have asked me the procedure of obtaining a transcript, I thought it would be better to post this information in this manner, which would be also useful for incoming juniors as well.

Generally, transcripts are required when you are applying for Masters/Ph.D. programs or research internship programs. Some companies may also ask for it. If the application states that unofficial transcripts can serve the purpose, then you can avoid all this pain and simply send them a pdf of your gradesheets. Otherwise, be ready for a few trips to Main Building.

Before delving into the procedure, I would like to mention the costs involved in getting the transcripts. One has to pay Rs. 2500 (as of this date) for getting 10 or less copies of transcripts. So even if you need a single copy of transcripts, you have to shell out Rs. 2500. (Also, keep in mind, that this includes the postal charges for sending the transcripts at one address in India)

Step1: Write a handwritten application addressing Deputy Registrar, Academic Section and asking for transcripts. Or, you can get a print out and make use of this template provided by the institute.

Step2: Take a photocopy of all the gradesheets until the current semester. If you have misplaced/lost any of your gradesheet, you might be in deep trouble. Check with the Academic section about the current regulations and try to convince them to give transcripts first. The process of getting a duplicate gradesheet is really tedious and involves going to court and police station.

Step3: Go to the Finance Section in the Main Building and deposit the money over there. An important thing to remember is that the you won’t be able to pay in cash after 3.30 pm. So make sure to go before that. I think you can pay using cheque after that, but it may not work. Collect the receipts (one for yourself and other for Academic section) from there after the payment.

Step4: Ask some clerk about transcripts in the Academic section and hand over these documents (The Academic section usually closes at 5.30 pm). They generally say that it will take a week to make the transcripts. Though in an urgent situation, I have got the transcripts on the same day, but please don’t wait till the last moment. I would recommend you to go there atleast 7-10 days before your application deadline.

Step5: If you are lucky, the transcripts would be ready in time.

Otherwise, you may need to visit the Academic Section a few more times (hopefully finite).

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments.

Disclaimer: This procedure works when you apply for transcripts in person at Academic Section. If you have graduated, please check it with them. The author bears no responsibility for the extra walk to the Main Building, if the procedure changes after this blog has been written.

Best of luck for your application! Hope this was useful. :)

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